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Comparison: Dedicated LED Light Fixture or Conventional Lamp holder Oyster Type

A dedicated LED lighting fixture is one that does not have a replaceable light bulb. There are a number of things to consider when making the decision to use a dedicated LED light fixture. Outlined below are the for and against...

Dedicated Oyster lighting

Oyster lights, or flush mounts, are commonly used where high light output is required such as a kitchen or to create ambient lighting within a room. Ambient lighting features softer illumination which is easier on the eyes and can create an intimate or relaxing environment. This makes it suitable for living room and bedroom lighting, and even in the bathroom.

When choosing a dedicated LED oyster for these types of applications it is important to select the correct colour temperature LED and possibly choose a dimmable fitting. Alternatively using a conventional oyster with an Edison Screw or bayonet cap lamp holder in these situations affords you the opportunity to select the most appropriate LED light bulb for the particular application. The advantages of using a dedicated LED oyster are really limited to very even light distribution across the fittings diffuser face and good light output.

The disadvantages are that if a component in the fitting fails, such as the driver, you will need a licensed electrician to replace the complete fitting. You may also not be able to buy the exact same fitting as models and LED technology are changing rapidly, this can be a problem if there is more then one fixture in the room.

The advantages of using a LED light bulb; the bulb can be changed by anyone, greater selection of wattage  and colour temperature bulbs to create the exact atmosphere you want, also as LED technology improves you can easily upgrade your LED bulbs. Disadvantage of using LED bulb in oyster light fixtures; possible bright spot on fixture diffuser from light point.

LED light bulbs

An LED bulb's main selling point is its ability to provide sufficient lighting without consuming as much energy. Doing so can help you reduce your electrical bills. They are also known for having a higher lifespan than incandescent, halogen or compact fluorescent bulbs.

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