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Spring Lighting trends in Australia

7 Spring Lighting Trends for Australian Homes

Spring has well and truly sprung throughout most of Australia and we are seeing a surge in demand as customers choose to give their indoor and outdoor living spaces a bit of a refresh to shake off the winter blues!

Our lighting specialists and interior design team try to keep ahead of the the latest Australian and international lighting trends and have put together seven of the most exciting trends they are seeing emerge this spring.

7 Emerging Spring Trends - Summary

Choosing the right lighting for your indoor and outdoor living spaces helps to create the desired mood and enhance your homes appeal. And as the weather warms up people are starting to get out in their backyards to entertain outside so it’s no surprise we are seeing more interest in exterior lighting, however this year we are seeing festoon lights and environmentally friendly outdoor solar lights jump in popularity.

Indoors we are seeing Australian’s follow similar trends to those we saw in the UK and USA during their spring and summer months with large statement pendant lights, the use of natural materials and stylish lights featuring gold, antique brass and metal finishes all gaining in popularity this spring. 

A theme which runs throughout both the indoor and outdoor lighting trends we are seeing emerge is a focus on sustainability and low energy use as consumers demand products which have a small environment footprint.

Curious to learn more about the latest spring lighting trends? Let's explore them together and help you uncover the ideal choice to elevate your space!

Statement Lights

Featured Light Fitting: ONETA 10 Pendant by Telbix Lighting

Statement Pendant Light

Statement lights do two things, firstly they illuminate the space beautifully and secondly they act as an impressive work of art which elevates the style of your home.

Architectural and large pendants are lighting fixtures that become a prominent feature in the area, immersing in the mood and setting the tone. Their striking design and impressive size add an aesthetic touch to any room, regardless of the style.

The best thing is that pendant lights offer versatile design possibilities. Grouping smaller pendants in a cluster makes a remarkable statement in rooms with high ceilings.

Natural and Sustainable Materials

Featured Light: ODEN 30 by Oriel Lighting

Rattan Pendant Light

We are seeing a renewed interest in sustainable and natural materials such as bamboo, wicker, rattan, concrete, and metal this spring. This is for two reasons. Firstly people are trying to get away from low-quality plastic lighting and purchase longer lasting products made from renewable materials. Secondly people are realising how these natural fibre products such as rattan floor lamps, bamboo and wicker create beautiful and versatile lights. From pendant lights which create a focal point in Bohemian or coastal themed homes to rattan floor lamps which create a rustic and relaxed look in almost any style home.

Antique Brass Finishes

Featured Light: DIVO Pendant By CLA Lighting

 DIVO Pendant by CLA Lighting

Lights with a brass finish add a touch of warmth to the space, working well with various interior styles. The elegant finish complements traditional, contemporary, industrial, and rustic styles.

Luxury pendants with intricate details suit traditional styles, ideal for formal dining rooms and foyers. Wall lights that feature clean lines and geometric shapes are perfect for contemporary styles, and brass table lamps add a touch of class to a room. If the bright finish of brass does not match your current aesthetic, you can always go for brushed brass as a subtle alternative.


Featured Light Fitting: POLK Gold by Telbix Lighting

POLK pendant light

As metals take over the lighting scene, gold and brass are coming out on top this spring. The luxurious and glamorous appearance of gold is sought after, becoming a decorative accent in contemporary spaces.

The gold finish ranges from bright and polished to more subtle, such as brushed or antique gold. Either way, gold fits various colour schemes. A great way to incorporate this colour is to make a subtle statement with gold table lamp or a floor lamp

Add a luxury touch to neutral palettes for the quiet luxury look or bring contrast to a dark and moody room. We are also seeing people using gold pendant to add a bit of bling and extravagance to deep jewel tone palettes.

Outdoor Lighting

Featured Light: Canto 2 Wall Light by Nordlux

Canto 2 Wall Light Nordlux

In spring people seek to create inviting and functional spaces which they use to entertain friends and create memories with their families. People are spending more time and money on outdoor lighting than we’ve seen in previous years as people try to create outdoor environments which feel like an extension of the indoor living space.  Whether you want to relax or host gatherings, outdoor lighting means the fun can continue after the sun has set.

Festoon Lights

Festoon lights

Festoon lights have been around for a while, however we are seeing them gain in popularity each year. If you're looking for an aesthetic and budget-friendly lighting solution, festoon lights are a great option. They help to create a romantic and cozy mood, providing soft light which disperses through the space.

Also, festoon lights are easy to install and often can be installed without needing an electrician (240v plug-in or solar). You can hang them over the pergola or along the trees to create a relaxing area for evening gatherings.

Outdoor Solar Lights

Outdoor solar lights are having a moment right now, and are one of the highest trends types of lights we are seeing people looking for this spring. While earlier models of outdoor solar lights were low quality and didn’t last that long, the new lights are (generally) much high quality and will last through the harsh Australian summer.

They fit with the sustainability theme as they are powered by the sun, and they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Expect to see more innovations with solar lighting in the coming months and years, with new brands coming to Australia and existing brands launching new and better models.

Sustainability & Energy Efficiency

LED lights are a sustainable and energy-efficient lighting solution for your outdoor or indoor spaces. They feature low energy consumption and less heat generation and use only 15% of the electricity that the halogen and incandescent lights need. This has the combined effect or reducing utility bills and lowering environmental footprints.

LED lights have a long lifespan ranging from 25,000 to 50,000 or more hours, leaving you with fewer replacements.

Recessed Lighting

Using recessed lighting is a great way to highlight areas of your home or garden. This clever, and usually low cost use of light, focusses light to a specific place in your home or garden to create the right ambiance, highlight features or provide practical lighting.

For example, you can emphasize the natural texture of a stone wall or steps. The subtle illumination also spotlights decorative objects, pictures and artwork. Recessed LED downlights are always a popular choice in kitchens and living areas within modern homes. 

Or the soft light can highlight the gorgeous landscaping. When installed directly on pavements and patios, the recessed lights can illuminate the pathways and define the traffic flow.

Final Thoughts

We’ve covered seven of the biggest lighting trends our team are seeing emerge this spring in Australia, with everything from standout statement pendant lights to subtle recessed lighting. Hopefully you’ve managed to pick-up a few ideas you can take away and use to enhance the appeal of your indoor and outdoor living spaces. If you need any help or advice please contact our team of experts and we'll help you choose the right lighting for your home (or business). 

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