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SAVE Up to 87% on ALL Items + Discounted Shipping
led vs halogen and incandescent globes

LED Future: Why we are phasing out incandescent and halogen light globes and light fittings not compatible with LED globes

As one of Australia's oldest and largest lighting retailers, Discount Lighting has always been committed to providing our customers with the best possible lighting solutions. With this in mind we have recently made the decision to stop selling incandescent and halogen lightbulbs and light fittings that are not compatible with LED globes.

We have taken this step because we believe that LED lightbulbs are a better option for the planet and our customers. They are cheaper, last longer, don't emit heat and importantly due to their lower energy consumption have a much lower carbon footprint than the older-style incandescent and halogen globes.

In-fact according to the Australian government department of climate change, energy, environment and water LED globes "LEDs use about 75% less energy than halogen light bulbs and last 5 to 10 times longer, greatly reducing replacement costs and the number of light bulbs ending up in landfill". 

led globes in hand

Why LEDS matter

Global warming is one of the most pressing issues facing our planet today. The need for immediate action to mitigate its effects is more important than ever before. This is where LED lights come in. LED bulbs use far less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs, and as a result, they emit far less CO2 into the atmosphere. This is a significant step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and tackling climate change.

The benefits of LED lights over incandescent and halogen bulbs are numerous. Firstly, LED lights last longer. Traditional incandescent bulbs have a lifespan of around 1,000 hours, while LED bulbs can last up to 25,000 hours or more. This means that customers who purchase LED bulbs will not need to replace them as often, saving them money in the long run.

Secondly, LED lights don't get hot. Traditional incandescent bulbs generate a lot of heat, which can be a safety hazard and add unwanted heat to your home. LED bulbs, on the other hand, remain cool to the touch, making them a safer option for use in homes and other environments.

Thirdly, LED lights are more efficient. Traditional incandescent bulbs waste a lot of energy in the form of heat, while LED bulbs convert almost all of the energy they consume into light. This means that LED bulbs use far less energy to produce the same amount of light, resulting in lower energy bills for customers.

Finally, LED lights are better for the environment. Traditional incandescent bulbs contain a lot of harmful chemicals, including mercury, which can be released into the environment when they are disposed of. LED bulbs, on the other hand, are much safer and cleaner, and they are fully recyclable.

The impact on our customers 

If you are unsure if your pendant light, floor lamp or other light fitting is compatible with LED globes please contact our team or the manufacturer of the light. The majority of light fittings sold today are LED compatible, however older table lamps, exterior lights and other fittings may not be. We would be happy to offer our customers a discount to upgrade their old light fittings if they are incompatible with LED globes. 

We are pleased to announce we have a growing range of LED globes available in a range of colour temperatures, including our popular carbon filament globes which provide the classic 'glow' of incandescent lightbulbs. 

We also understand this change will be an inconvenience for a small number of our customers who use halogen light globes for very specific use-cases where LEDs are not suitable (usually where heat lamps are required for growing vegetables or raising animals). If you are one of our customers affected by this change we would be happy to provide you access to a specialist retailer we are working with who can supply halogen globes at competitive prices. 

How we are reducing our carbon footprint

At Discount Lighting, we believe that it is our responsibility to do our part in reducing our impact on the environment. By making the switch to LED bulbs, we are taking a step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and helping our customers to do the same. We understand that change can be difficult, and that some customers may be hesitant to make the switch. However, we are confident that the benefits of LED lighting will speak for themselves.

LED lights are the future of lighting, and we believe that it is our duty to help our customers make the transition to this more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective technology. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality LED lighting solutions that are both affordable and energy-efficient.

Government incentives

We understand that the higher upfront cost of LEDs can make it harder for some homeowners and small businesses to make the transition. Fortunately there are a number of federal and state-based incentives to either provide interest-free loans or no / very low cost options. You can view the rebates and grants available to you at

Moving forward

We hope that our customers will join us in this effort to make a positive impact on the environment and tackle climate change. We are always open to your comments, suggestions and ideas for how we can do better, please contact our team today - we would love to hear from you! 

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