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Pendant styles to suit your home

Pendant Styles to Suit Your Home Decor

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Are you thinking of hanging a pendant light in your home? Pendant lights are fast becoming a favourite among homeowners, and for a good reason.

A bit like a beautiful piece of jewellery, a pendant light is a lighting fixture that hangs down from the ceiling typically suspended by a rod or chain. It is one of the most versatile lighting options around. It can complete the ambiance in your bedroom or help provide task lighting in the kitchen. Good pendant lighting meets both your functional and aesthetic needs. You can hang a pendant light almost anywhere in your home!

Pendant lights are available in a wide variety of designs, shapes, materials, and colours. We’ve put together this mini style guide to help you understand your options and distil your choices.

Read on and discover the most popular types of pendant light, and how you could use them to create the right look in your home or business. 

Bowl pendant Lights

Bowl pendant lights are a favourite among homeowners because they are great to look at while providing ambient illumination.

As the name suggests, bowl pendant lights look like a bowl or an inverted dome. Typically, bowl pendants allow the light to cascade off the top then down to the space below. This creates a balance that prevents the light from becoming too distracting. While bowl pendant lights are great for many different areas, they are best suited for spaces that need soft lighting.

Dome Pendant Lights

Dome pendant lights are like bowl pendant lights but pointing downwards instead. This shape allows for direct and focused lighting down onto the space below it. Hang them on your kitchen island or foyer for extra lighting. You can even add dome pendant lights to your workspace to instantly upgrade this area.

Dome pendant lights typically come in various designs, materials, and colours. This makes it a wonderful choice for areas where you need to make a stylish yet functional statement.

Drum Pendant Lights

A very versatile lighting option, drum pendant lights simultaneously provide a spotlight to a particular space while also spreading the light upward in the area. This type of drum pendant lights have an open design and work great in larger rooms that require more illumination.

However, some drum pendant lights have a closed top which means that they can only provide downward illumination. This design is suitable for areas that require task lighting.

Keep in mind that drum pendant lights are typically on the larger size. They are best hung individually rather than in multiples. Make sure to plan the location for your drum pendant lights to avoid overwhelming the space.

Teardrop pendant lights

Shaped like a drop of tear, teardrop pendant lights add an instant pop style to any space. This functional lighting fixture also works well as a decorative piece even when the light is turned off.

With its unconventional shape, a teardrop pendant light is sure to look good as a statement piece in your kitchen, living room, or dining room. Depending on the size and design, you can also suspend them in a series to create a line of lights that provides focused task lighting.

Cluster Pendant Lights

As the name suggests, cluster pendant lights are composed of multiple lamp models that function as a single lighting unit. The group of lights clustered together leaves a great impression and instantly adds elegance to any space.

3 cluster pendant lights are great for brightening up an area like the kitchen or living room. If you want something more eye-catching, you can opt for a 5 cluster pendant light to give a more luxurious impression. Most of the time, the lights can be arranged at different heights for a more creative touch.

Tiffany Style Pendant Lights

Nothing says style like Tiffany style pendant lights. They are typically characterised by their beautiful, patterned stain glass. Whether hung above your kitchen or entryway, Tiffany pendant lights are sure to impress.

Tiffany style pendant lights typically come in eye-catching designs and colours. It is important to choose one that matches the rest of your furniture, so it won’t look out of place. It is a good idea to hang it in an area with a bare background

Ready to choose the perfect pendant lighting for your home?

It is easy to see why pendant lighting is a popular choice among homeowners. This fixture can provide a unique lighting solution while also elevating the style and sophistication of any space. It is important to know where you will hang your pendant lights to help you make a better choice. Also, don’t forget to measure the space to ensure that you choose the right size of pendant light.

Need some help choosing the perfect pendant light for your home or business? Call our lighting specialists on 1300 384 697 or contact us by email and we would be happy to help. You can even send us a picture of your space and we'll help with some recommendations and ideas you can take a closer look at. Discount Lighting has been supplying quality lighting fixtures for over 25 years and our team have decades of experience.


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