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Popular Styles of Ceiling Fans

Posted on 15th Dec 2016 by Hugh Kollosche

Have you ever shopped for ceiling fans? If you have, you’ll know there are actually a wide variety of styles out there on the market. There are also a wide variety of ceiling fans with lights, so you can light up your space and cool down on hot summer nights at the same time! The majority of fans are light and remote control adaptable. Some even come with these included. So what are some of...


The Versatility of Pendant Lighting

Posted on 24th Aug 2016 by Hugh Kollosche

We all know the right lighting can transform a room, easily adding ambience and style that other fixtures simply can’t achieve. Whether adding a warm intimate glow to a master bedroom or brightly lighting a work space for maximum functionality, pendant lights are a versatile choice that can be used in any room of your home. Pendant lights come in a range of different shapes, sizes and...


Re-energise Your Bedroom with Wall Lights

Posted on 24th Aug 2016 by Hugh Kollosche

The bedroom is all about achieving bliss and relaxation. It serves as a sanctuary where you can privately relax and re-energise after a long day. However, a dark and dreary bedroom isn’t very inviting. A large amount of time is spent in the bedroom reading, relaxing and obviously sleeping. Well positioned lights are essential in transforming a bedroom’s overall atmosphere. A clever...


Questions to Consider When Choosing Bathroom Light Fixtures

Posted on 14th Jul 2016 by Hugh Kollosche

For many home owners, picking the right light fixture for the bathroom is tricky. You need to have the right light for the right application. In addition to bathroom heat lamps and exhaust fans there are three main lighting requirements for a bathroom, general lighting, vanity lighting and subtle lighting. Subtle lighting is usually warm in colour and low in light out put. Subtle bathroom...


Outdoor Lighting – Finding The Balance Between Practicality and Aesthetics

Posted on 01st Mar 2016 by Hugh Kollosche

When it comes to lighting, your outdoor space is often the last on the list. However, this area of the home can become an important entertaining zone and sufficient lighting for both mood and function is crucial for making the most of the area and encouraging guests and family into the great outdoors. Want to illuminate your world? Read on for some tips about how:


The Power of Dimming Fixtures

Posted on 16th Sep 2015 by Hugh Kollosche

Dimmable lights are a fairly recent invention that has seen a surge in popularity in homes and offices, offering a great way to not only set the mood, but enjoy the right lighting for the right situation. Understanding how they work, the right products to use and the benefits can help you decide if this is a good option for you and we can help! How dimming fixtures work At its most...


Lighting in the Bathroom

Posted on 05th Aug 2015 by Hugh Kollosche

Lighting in the Bathroom The best bathroom lights that balance practicality and aesthetics The bathroom is both a place of function and a place of relaxation. When designing this space, it is important to consider how to balance the two. Lighting is one design element that requires...


Comparison: Dedicated LED Light Fixture or Conventional Lamp holder Oyster Type

Posted on 09th Jul 2015 by Hugh Kollosche

What is a dedicated LED light fixture? A dedicated LED lighting fixture is one that does not have a replaceable light bulb. There are a number of things to consider when making the decision to use a dedicated LED light fixture. Outlined below are...


Making Your Lighting a Feature Piece

Posted on 04th Jun 2015 by Hugh Kollosche

Making your lighting a feature piece Interior design is often one of the most enjoyable things about building or renovating. Choosing colours, styling pieces and creating a space that is nice to be in is an exciting experience but many can get stuck in traditional trends, leaning on safe styling, like bright feature walls and neutral colour palettes. Why not think outside of...


Creative Use of LED Lighting in the Kitchen

Posted on 23rd Oct 2014 by Hugh Kollosche

LED strip lighting is providing home renovators and builders exciting new opportunities to illuminate subtle spaces not previously considered. An example of one such location to use LED strip lighting is the Kitchen. Areas particularly suited to this type of lighting are: under bench and under overhead cupboards and under the toe recess of your kitchen kick board. When LED strip lighting is...