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How Bathroom Lighting Can Soothe You

Having the right bathroom lighting can soothe away the day's stress. This is the room where you refresh at the start and end of the day, and so it is important for this room to be bright and comfortable. Below are some things to consider when trying to make the lighting in your bathroom more relaxing, warm and appealing. 

Light Intensity & Brightness

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and needing to use the bathroom. Being bombarded by intense light can be painful and not something you want to encounter, especially when you are half asleep! 

Consider installing a low light level energy efficient LED light which can be left on during night hours or alternatively install a sensor light. The soft light from this type of fitting offers enough light during night hours to find your way to and from the bathroom, without needing to turn on brighter task lights. This is particularly useful for young children or elderly people whose sight is poor. This type of night light can also be put to good use when you want to have a relaxing soothing bath.

On the other hand your bathroom should have bright task lighting to allow you to get dressed, shave and/or apply your makeup. Installing a dimmer function on your light fixtures can help you adjust the lights to a comfortable level to cover the different requirements of a bathroom.

Vanity Lights

When choosing vanity lighting for your bathroom, remember lights placed either side of the mirror or above the mirror will work far more effectively then ceiling mounted or recessed lights, as these will create shadows over the contours of your face.

It is also important to choose lights with a Kelvin colour temperature between 4000K to 5000K and a solid colour Rendering Index of 80CRI or above.

Making the right choice of colour temperature and CRI will mean that what you see in the mirror will be the same as what you see in natural daylight. This is particularly important when it comes to applying makeup.

Make Use of Natural lighting

Sunshine is not only good for you. It is also good for your bathroom. Natural lighting helps make the area more calm and soothing. To ensure enough light is entering your bathroom, make sure your windows are clean (wipe the glass with a clean cloth and remove any dust from the covers or blinds). 

Number & Types of Light Fittings

While you do not need an excessive number lighting fixtures to get the right amount of illumination in your bathroom, having a variety of lighting options can help cover different moods, uses and times of the day. For example dramatic spot lights over basins, taps and fixtures can create a beautiful feature, soft low mounted wall lights can create warm night time lighting, and bright vanity lights can be both decorative and functional.

Aim for Light Coloured Walls & Surfaces

You choice of wall and surface finishes will also have an effect on how the light works and reflects in your bathroom. Consider using light coloured paint or wallpaper to help bounce the brightness around the room. This can also help make your bathroom appear brighter when exposed to natural lighting.

We hope you found the hints and tips above useful, and we look forward to hearing how you've used them to create a warm, practical and soothing bathroom in your home. 

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