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Autumn SALE - Up to 78% OFF All Items - Discounted Delivery*
ceiling fan and air conditioner on wall

Ceiling Fans: This Summer's Environmentally Friendly Air Conditioner

This blog post was updated in December 2022.

A ceiling fan offers an efficient way to stay cool in summer without consuming a lot of (expensive and planet polluting) electricity. They also are great at circulating air around the home, which is especially important in humid areas which are susceptible to mould or damp issues.

Air conditioners are the latest 'must have' in modern homes, but the humble ceiling fan offers a number of advantages - including saving money, protecting the environment, increasing air flow and more...

Save Energy

Air conditioners require a large amount of power in order to operate and cool a small area, this is true even with energy-efficient labelled products. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, require significantly less power to cool a room.

Air conditioners are ideal to reduce the heat in a home during the heat of the day, however once the home is cooler ceiling fans can maintain the temperature and then the air conditioning can be turned off.  This helps you reduce your utility bills and save money throughout the warmer season.

Most modern quality ceiling fans today also come with a reverse switch, so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of your ceiling fan during the winter months. Whether you are heating you home by log fire, electric radiator or with a reverse cycle air conditioner the heat will always rise to the ceiling. By using your ceiling fan in reverse the heat is pushed across the ceiling and down the walls creating a warm circular flow and bringing the hot air down to where you are sitting (rather than escaping through your ceiling).

You might also want to consider using energy-saving LED lights to really reduce your electricity bill. 

Stylish Design

Air conditioning units can look out of place in some rooms, and with split systems the outside unit needs to be positioned close to the inside unit which can take up valuable space outside. Modern ceiling fans on the other hand can accentuate your homes style, and act as a feature within a room. Ceiling fans are available in such a wide array of materials, styles, designs and colours to fit the style of almost any room. Ceiling fans do a great job of enhancing living areas

Choose lighting options that will highlight your ceiling fans. We have oyster lights and wall lights that can help create the look you want. 

Efficient Cooling & Air Transfer

During the summer period your house can become hot and humid due to the heat being trapped inside. This is often caused by inefficient air flow. In order to cool a room, heat must be expelled outside of your house while the cool air enters. This air exchange can be achieved using ceiling fan and an open window to draw cool air in and expel warmer air. 

Multitasking & Quiet Operation

A ceiling fan with a light fixture does two things in one by offering cooling and lighting in one unit. This saves space, and money.

Ceiling fans are also much quieter than air conditioners which makes them great for bedrooms, offices and other rooms where noise can be distracting or unsettling. 

Overall, ceiling fans offer an energy-efficient and cost-effective way to cool a space. So, go green and save money by purchasing a ceiling fan today.


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