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bedroom wall lights

Re-energise Your Bedroom with Wall Lights

This blog post was updated December 2022.

The bedroom is all about achieving bliss and relaxation, and it serves as a sanctuary where you can privately relax and rest after a long day. The right wall lights can transform a bedroom in to a warm, cosy and inviting space which you and your family can use to read, connect and relax individually or together.

From traditional to contemporary LED wall lights, here are some examples of how you can use wall lights to help create the right ambiance in your bedroom.

Wall Lights

Wall sconces come in a wide variety of shapes and styles, from simple to elaborate, and from traditional to modern, and everything in between. 

Below are the different types of wall sconce lights and their styles:


  • Up Lighting - this type of wall light casts light in an upward direction, making a room appear larger. Although an up light is often used for entryways, living rooms, hallways and dining rooms, installing them in the bedroom is also a good choice. Small bedrooms will benefit from having a pair of upward sconce lights beside the bed to make the room feel larger. 
  • Down Lighting - These types of wall light tend to direct the light downward. Downward focused lights are ideal for large rooms as they can make them more inviting and cosy. Downward focused lighting wall lights are also preferable for people who enjoy reading in bed as the light cascades over your shoulder onto the book page, perfect for reading.
  • Up and Down - casting light in both directions (up and down), this wall sconce is ideal for any bedroom. It balances light distribution within the space, making it feel balanced and comfortable.
  • Candle - the first wall sconces held real burning candles and were the inspiration for the modern candle sconce. Most of these types of wall sconces have shade covering their bulbs. Since they emit a small amount of light, candle sconces are perfect for creating a cosy and romantic feel.
  • Swing arm - These are most commonly seen in offices or study areas, however they are also ideal in bedrooms as task lights to assist with reading, or as a replacement for a bedside lamp. They are usually adjustable both horizontally and vertically. 


  • Rustic - this style is suited for bedrooms with rustic interiors because of its distressed finish and darker colours. The rustic style adds character to any interior and blends with similar styles used elsewhere in the home
  • Transitional - this is a mixture of contemporary and traditional style. Transitional-styled wall sconces feature toned-down versions of traditional detailing. In addition, they are not sleek and lack the minimalist design of a contemporary wall sconce, and fit well with any type of interior design.
  • Traditional - heavier on details compared to the other styles, traditional wall scones reflect styles from the past and feature ornate designs. Popular features include crystals and leadlight shades which reflect light in a more classic manner. Since traditional sconce lights have formal appearances, they can add an 'upmarket' feel to your bedroom. Traditional style wall lights look great in older homes, and can be used to highlight specific features such as wall cutouts or wooden beams. 
  • Contemporary - these modern styles are simple, streamlined and sleek, and are ideal for bedrooms in newer homes, with more contemporary interior décor. 

Wall mounted lights not only provide ambient light to a bedroom, they also add stylistic touches to enhance the décor style you have chosen. Combined with dimmers switches, wall lights are versatile enough to create the right mood and ambiance in any space, as well as providing practical task lighting for reading, getting dressed and other activities. 

Recessed Wall Lights

Due to their popularity, recessed wall lights are also being used in the bedroom. Traditionally these lights are used as stair lights, in bathrooms as vanity or night lights, and in kitchen as feature lights to give the benches a floating appearance. The use of these recessed wall lights in the bedroom can provide soft mood lighting to assist with relaxation. Combining these wall lights with a low Kelvin warm white light source helps to create a comfortable cosy atmosphere.

Track wall lights

Primarily designed to theme with modern decors, track mounted wall lights can help increase a rooms visual appeal and light, along with flexibility as the lamp heads are usually adjustable. These wall-mounted lights are often available in different sizes, colours and styles.

Since bedrooms require warm and inviting atmosphere to induce a restful sleep, track lights for bedrooms should also be accompanied with dimmers, providing control over the amount of light required.

So as you can see there are a variety of wall lights available to suit all shapes, sizes and styles of bedrooms, and they are a great way to instantly create the a relaxing retreat space! Pair with some task lighting or a bedside lamp and you'll have a space you can't wait to get in to at the end of the day! 

Discount Lighting stock a large variety of wall lights to suit all decor styles, we would be delighted to assist you with your lighting selections.

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