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Right Lighting for Your Space

The key to making sure your home is both adequately illuminated and done so in a stylish and aesthetically pleasing manner lies in choosing the right lighting for the right room.

The hallway or foyer in your home is the first thing you and your guests will see when walking through the front door, so chandeliers or even pendant lights are a great way of providing overhead lighting while also conveying an impression of warmth and sophistication.

Chandeliers and pendant lights are also well suited to general living areas, such as your living room or dining room, although you may enjoy complimenting these ceiling fixtures with a few free standing lamps. Lamps provide the freedom of mobility which is often lacking in other light sources, and can also be an effective way of creating a warm and cosy environment in your lounge or bedroom.

When it comes to the kitchen, practicality is usually the top priority as no one wants to be preparing meals in a dimly-lit room. It is worth noting, however, that traditional fluorescent lights or even LED lights can make a fantastic addition to your kitchen, accompanied by smaller spotlights strategically positioned under cabinets or countertops as task lighting.

The bathroom, en-suite and powder room are very important rooms in a home for lighting, ventilation and heating. Lets talk about lighting first, you may like to use recessed spotlights in the ceiling to splash light over your beautiful fixtures and fittings creating a instant dramatic effect when entering the bathroom, however for a lady to do her make up she will need good light in front of her at the mirror. This can be achieved by placing a light fitting above the mirror or lights either side of the mirror, these lights can be switches separately for use only when required.

Good ventilation in a bathroom is essential to remove unpleasant odours and most importantly remove steam from the room while showering, otherwise mould will form on the walls and ceiling and the paintwork can be damaged by being constantly wet. While there is a number of exhaust extractions fan models available it may be worth considering a combined heating and ventilation product. The bathroom heat lights will be worth there weight in gold on those cold winter mornings or nights when you extract yourself from a hot shower. There are a great variety of these products available on discount lighting online store.

When selecting a ventilation product it is important to consider the size of your bathroom, a bigger bathroom will require a more powerful extraction fan, also remember you will need to allow fresh air to be able to enter the room to replace what is being exhausted.

When selecting bathroom heat lights remember to consider your ceiling height, some products offer higher wattage heat lamps for higher ceiling heights.

When choosing the right lighting for the right room, there are many things to consider. Remember to think about your budget as well as the aesthetics and practicality of the room. For more information, or to start ordering some lights for your home, visit Discount Lighting, one of Australia's largest and best online lighting stores.

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