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Latest Lighting Trends for Home

If you are looking to add a little touch of fashion and sophistication to your home, keeping up to date with the latest trends in lighting is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. One of the simplest ways of achieving this is to follow a recent American lighting trend which involves illuminating your lounge or study using nothing but decorative table and floor standing lamps.

Using decorative table and floor standing lamps instead of more permanent lighting fixtures not only provides a wonderful comforting atmosphere to your home, it also gives you the freedom of being able to move them around and replace them far more easily and at a lower cost.

Practically marries aesthetic beauty when you combine a centrepiece chandelier with standard, more direct light sources to create a nicely balanced effect.

The trend of not sacrificing function for mere form is also apparent in light fittings used in kitchens. Fluorescent tube lighting has always been a popular choice due to their even dispersal of light. Today’s kitchen is the focal point of the home we see it in the open plan design of every new home. Lighting the kitchen correctly and elegantly is now more important then ever. The need to combine practical lighting with elegance and sophistication is critical. Some of the lighting strategies used in kitchens today involve positioned spotlights along the kitchen countertops to provide overlapping pools of light, providing what is known as task lighting or the use a line of two, three or three creatively designed single lamp pendant over the countertop to provide the same task lighting, but with an elegant edge.

Installing LED lighting strip under overhead cupboards to give shadow free lighting to a work area or lights within cupboards or display cabinets are another effective way of illuminating your culinary workspace, while providing the added benefit of shedding a warm ambient light which is perfect for creating a homely environment in the evening.

If you’d rather spruce up your home with something a little more unusual, why not experiment with more abstract designs? Sculptured lamps and lighting fittings, such as pendants, make an ideal centrepiece in a room.

There are so many trends to choose from and how you arrange your house is based on your style, budget and needs. For more inspiration, visit national online lighting store, Discount Lighting. They have a wide range of unique and beautiful lighting pieces to suit any budget, so get online now!

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