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LED Downlights

LED Downlights light up a room with style and flair. Combining the energy saving LED technology with design innovation, LED Downlights are now a common choice of lighting fixture for homes everywhere. LED Downlights are up to 85% more energy efficient that the traditional incandescent light bulb. They provide superior lighting, affording you the opportunity to select your preferred light output colour from bright white light to warm yellow hues similar to the traditional incandescent light bulb. LED Downlights are also available in a variety of different styles, materials & colour finishes. Some styles can be mounted onto the ceiling while others fit snugly into the ceiling cavity, providing superior lighting fixtures that blend in with the sleek lines of the room.

At Discount Lighting we have a wide variety of LED Downlights, choose from dedicated (non replaceable bulb) LED fixtures to Downlights with replaceable LED light globes. With such a wide range you are guaranteed to find the perfect fittings to suit all your lighting needs. Because LED have a longer life span that their halogen or incandescent counterparts, you won’t need to keep replacing them as often. LED Downlights are also available in dimmable options to allow for adjusting the mood, as easily as flicking a switch. Have a look at our range of LED Downlights below, and make the switch today to more energy efficient lighting.