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Outdoor Lighting: Finding The Balance Between Practicality and Aesthetics

When it comes to lighting, your outdoor space is often the last on the list. However, this area of the home can become an important entertaining zone and sufficient lighting for both mood and function is crucial for making the most of the area and encouraging guests and family into the great outdoors. Want to illuminate your world? Read on for some tips about how...

Types of lighting

Just like inside the home, lighting can have different purposes outside the home as well. There are four main types of lighting you may want to consider using outdoor accent lighting, task lighting, security lighting and decorative lighting. Accent lighting is used to highlight areas such as landscaping, trees and art pieces. Task lighting is lighting for a specific function, like preparing food or moving safely around.

Security lighting is a subarea of task lighting, used to help protect the home and usually motion-sensored. Decorative lighting is quite self-explanatory – it offers something beautiful to look at and adds to the aesthetic of your outdoor area.


Providing ample exterior power sources for outdoor lighting prior to new home construction or renovation will insure the installation of your outdoor lighting is a lot more cost effective later. All new exterior lighting products today are available in or for energy saving LED or compact fluorescent, so having your garden illuminated and highlighted is very inexpensive. Exterior self powering solar lights are also an option where only very soft lighting is required, however you need to be aware that the solar panel and batteries in these fittings only have a limited life and will need to be replaced regularly. In addition, as they are independent and not connected to your home or power they can be easily stolen which also needs to be considered if you do not have a fenced garden. 

Exterior lighting styles

When it comes to the design and style of your exterior lighting, the sky is the limit! Whether you need subtle deck lights or path lighting, want to bring the indoors out with a floor lamp or want a traditional lantern-style globe as an exterior wall light next to your external entrances, there is lots to choose from and creating a mood and theme is easy.

Exterior lighting shouldn't be an afterthought. Do it right with our great range of exterior lights.

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