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Lighting in the Bathroom: The best bathroom lights that balance practicality and aesthetics

The bathroom is both a place of function and a place of relaxation. When designing this space, it is important to consider how to balance the two. Lighting is one design element that requires careful consideration. To help you out, here are some of our favourite options...

Strip lighting

Want to light up your face or highlight an aesthetic element within your bathroom? Strip lighting is the answer. Simple, affordable and extra bright, strip lighting provides that amazing glow only a fluorescent bulb can. Combine it with a softer ceiling light so you can choose between dim lit bath times and bright lights for makeup and skincare.

Combination lights

With hot summers and cool winters, Australia offers up some temperamental weather that makes cleaning time a luxury. But there is no point in having a shower only to come out sweating or shivering! With combination lighting, you can have a light, heater and fan all in one convenient product, perfect for all seasons.

Vanity lights

The vanity is often the realm of those who love makeup (or just teens who want to inspect all the changes their faces go through!). Ensuring it is brightly lit is crucial. Vanity lights provide this, usually with a similar styling to strip lights but with more variety and often more focus on design. And, like strip lights, are also good to combine with a softer main light.

Retro exposed bulb lighting

Want the old Hollywood look? Get the retro look with exposed bulb lighting for your vanity. Have strips around your mirror or on either side to give that classic feel and make getting ready feel like an event every day! Designing or renovating your bathroom? Head to Discount Lighting for the best lighting products at some of the cheapest prices in Australia.

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