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Table & Floor Lamps

Nothing says mood lighting better then a gorgeous table or floor lamp as a focal piece in any room. We all have those times when we want a room to look and feel a bit different to how it normally does or perhaps the regular ceiling lights just don’t provide the intimacy or vibe you are looking for, this is when a strategically placed table or floor lamp can really make a difference. Alternatively you might have a room in your house that feels a bit dark and drab, or there are corners that regular lighting does not seem to reach. Table & floor lamps are the perfect answer to these situations, providing a light source that you can position exactly where it is needed. Also worth remembering, table & floor lamps are portable, so don’t be afraid to move them from room to room when required to create that special ambiance.

At Discount Lighting we have an extensive range of quality table & floor lamps, in a variety of different designs, making it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Our table & floor lamps are available in simple functional designs through to elegant, stylish pieces that really bring the ‘wow’ factor to any home or work space. As your one stop shop for lighting, ceiling fans, LED lights and bulbs, Discount Lighting gives you more variety to choose from, at prices that are sure to light up your eyes and your life.