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Creative Use of LED Lighting in the Kitchen

Creative Use of LED Lighting in the Kitchen

LED strip lighting is providing home renovators and builders exciting new opportunities to illuminate subtle spaces not previously considered. An example of one such location to use LED strip lighting is the Kitchen.

Areas particularly suited to this type of lighting are: under bench and under overhead cupboards and under the toe recess of your kitchen kick board.

When LED strip lighting is installed with a channel plate and diffuser the concealed installation emits a soft, subtle glow, without the source of the light being visible to the eye. By using strip LED lighting in these areas it provides two practical functions.

  1. The practical function of task light to work and move around in.
  2. The added benefit of creating a stunning opportunity to showcase joinery selections e.g. granite tops, timber cupboards. Overall adding to the visuals of the kitchen space.

Led strip lighting can be switched independently from other lighting sources, thereby providing mood lighting when the Kitchen is not at its busiest.

At Discount Lighting Australia our trained lighting consultants, over the phone, will assist you with selecting the right type of LED strip lighting to best suit your needs. Expert advice is available on various lengths, colours (including RGB colour changing), wattages and uses of this versatile type of lighting.

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