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Unusual LED Light Bulb Uses

Posted on October 1, 2020 by Hugh Kollosche
LED lighting has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, not only in the home but for hundreds of different applications. Affordable and effective, LED strips can be found in lots of items in shops and plenty of DIY projects, with the options almost endless. Here we will look at just a few of the unusual LED uses today:


The art of cosplay, or “costume play” is a trend that sees fans of movies, TV shows and books bring their favourite characters to life in costume. Many of these outfits are created at home and many require impressive lighting to get the full effect. In come LEDs, which are a popular way of creating glowing effects for weapons, halos and even whole outfits.

Ice cubes and glasses

This use of LEDs is becoming surprisingly common, with many parties now featuring light up drinks and ice cubes. LED rocks and flashing drinks are a great way to make an impression at a party and add something a little different and can be found quite cheaply too!

Bike safety

If you ride your bike a lot and often travel at night, it is essential you are visible to motorists and other riders. LED lights are one way to do this, with many cyclists either buying or heading down the DIY route and adding LED bulbs to the back of their bike.


A recent innovation, you can now purchase faucet lights that light up the water depending on its temperature. In most cases, when the water is red, it is hot and when it is blue, it is cold. Powered by the pressure of the water, the device requires no batteries and is environmentally friendly.


Novelty t-shirts have used LED lighting for a few years, but now LED is making an appearance in high end fashion. Many designers are looking for new ideas and LEDs are one of them. Whether it’s on the runway or on a tee, it’s a fun, unique option. LED lighting is more than just a household fixture, it can be a component of many different items and is a fun way to make something unique, so why not give it a go? For more lighting inspiration and ideas, check out some of our other blogs. While we don’t stock the LED ideas listed above, Discount Lighting do have a range of quality LED lighting products you can check out here.