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The Versatility of Pendant Lighting

Posted on August 24, 2016 by Hugh Kollosche
We all know the right lighting can transform a room, easily adding ambience and style that other fixtures simply can’t achieve. Whether adding a warm intimate glow to a master bedroom or brightly lighting a work space for maximum functionality, pendant lights are a versatile choice that can be used in any room of your home. Pendant lights come in a range of different shapes, sizes and materials, and can be hung at various heights depending on their intended function, making it important to consider where and how the light will be used before you start shopping to ensure you get the right light for the job. Before you buy your next lighting fixtures, check out the article below on some of the fantastic ways pendant lights can be utilised in your home, and remember if you ever need any help or advice choosing the right lighting for your space, don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Discount Lighting. Pendants in the Bedroom Pendant lights are a perfect choice for the bedroom and are generally used in the place of traditional bed-side lamps, but can also be used as a statement piece by hanging in the corner of the room. Not only can pendant lights create a cosy atmosphere but work well to frame the bed within the room, particularly where there may be limited space to put a lamp on a nightstand. Interior of modern bedroom 3D rendering When choosing pendant lights for any space, it is important to consider the light projection. This is especially important in a bedroom, where there may not be other lights to fill out the space. By hanging the light at a lower height, it creates a more intimate feeling however limits the projection of the light. Luxury hotel room interior Choosing a semi-transparent shade, such as one made of cloth, means that the light can filter through the sides of the shade creating a glow throughout the room, rather than just being projected straight down. Adding dimmer switches is also always recommended for bedroom lighting, as it allows you the versatility of bright lights for reading or cleaning, as well as softer lights to set the mood. Retro styled lighting decoration. Hint: For an industrial chic look, have your electrician install the pendant light with a long cord coming from a lower power point, so that it loops up to the ceiling and falls back down. This also means you can easily adjust the height of the light by simply bundling or releasing the extra cord.  Pendants in the Kitchen Pendant lights are a very popular choice for the kitchen and look fantastic hanging as a group over an island bench or as a single light above the sink. Generally used as ’task lighting’ (lighting a specific area such as a workbench), pendant lights in the kitchen should be nice and bright and generally have a whiter hue to more closely mimic natural light. If you're not sure what light hue would suit your kitchen, talk to the team at Discount Lighting for help. Beauty white traditional kitchen with wooden details Choosing the right height is also important in the kitchen. While low hanging pendants can really help to frame and accentuate the design of the kitchen, it’s important to make sure you can still see out through the rest of the room and that your view isn’t blocked by the hanging pendants. As a general guide, pendant lights work best around 50-70cm above a bench top and 70-80cm above a dining table. If you’re really unsure of the right height, have your electrician install a retractable cord for your pendants, meaning you can adjust the height as you wish; pull it lower for an intimate dinner setting or set it up high for a diffused spread of light throughout the space.   Pendants in Living Areas In open spaces like living areas, hanging pendant lights can have an immediate dramatic impact by accentuating existing room features, such as a lounge setting or fireplace. Hanging pendant lights above furniture means they can sit lower in the centre of the room, providing both style and function without worrying that someone will bump their head. modern interior. CG design concept Hanging groups of pendants at different heights is also a great way to add a unique style to your living room while ensuring plenty of light to adequately illuminate the space. Contemporary dining space with big sliding door and terrace. No matter the room, Discount Lighting have a perfect pendant light to suit your space. Get in touch with the team today to see how the right lighting can transform your home!