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How To Choose Your Kitchen Lighting

Posted on October 1, 2020 by Hugh Kollosche
The kitchen can best be described as the functioning heart of the home. By giving some consideration to the use of lighting, in particular how the kitchen will be used, what it is you want to achieve, you can enhance the overall feel and ambience dramatically. To create successful kitchen lighting scheme include the following types of lighting Ambient, Task and Decorative.

Ambient lighting... general lighting. Daylight & artificial light constitutes ambient light. A very popular way to achieve artificial ambient lighting is by LED recessed down lights. General lighting in the form of recessed LED’s provides practical & functional lighting for daily tasks and movement through the space. 9 Watt LED Downlight KIt 9 Watt High Powered LED Down Light Kit - SILVER/ROUND 4000K available online or in store

Task Lighting... the Kitchen is to assist with specific tasks in the kitchen to be cared out e.g. packing/unpacking the dishwasher, preparing food etc. An excellent way to deliver task lighting is by Led Strip lights concealed mounted under overhead benches, focusing light down on the bench and the various task being carried out. LED Strip light kit - 2 meters of strip with driver, available online or in store Decorative lighting... ... in the form of suspended decorative pendants over an island bench add visual interest and interior style, whilst generating functional and practical ambient and task lighting at the same time. ACE - 8 Watt LED single pendant with recessed canopy