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Effective and affordable – why choose fluorescent

Posted on November 25, 2015 by Hugh Kollosche
Since the Australian government introduced the ban on importation and sale of incandescent bulbs, the two least expensive types of light bulbs you will find available on the market are the halogen bulb and fluorescent (CFL) bulb. A halogen bulb looks like the old incandescent bulb, but uses a filament enclosed in a halogen gas filled envelope to emit light, while a fluorescent bulb uses phosphorous gases enclosed in a tube that illuminate when an electrical charge passes through them. Lighting a halogen bulb requires more energy compared to lighting a fluorescent bulb.  Carbon filament bulbs have also become popular since the demise of the incandescent bulb, however these bulbs are generally more expensive to purchase, consume a lot of power and do not have a high lumen output. These bulbs are used mainly in decorative only lighting applications. iStock_000004982826_smalliStock_000072423505_smalliStock_000045401812_small Fluorescent bulbs may be energy-efficient but many people still prefer halogen bulbs. Cheaper and emitting more light, it can be hard to compete. However, there are a number of benefits to making the switch. Here are the main reasons why fluorescent bulbs are an effective and affordable lighting alternative.

Versatile and affordable

Fluorescents are great lighting alternatives for any space. They can be used in all the same spaces as traditional bulbs – on your porch, in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom and beyond. Fluorescents can also be used as track lighting and in recessed fixtures. Many of these bulbs are also compatible with dimmer switches (check for dimming compatibility on the bulb packaging at the time of purchase). Fluorescents can be expensive upfront but in the end, they can save you money on utility expenses. They are both versatile and affordable, long term.

Comes in a variety of styles

Fluorescent bulbs come in a variety of styles, including the classic and triple-tube lamp. Classic  fluorescent bulbs were designed in the traditional incandescent bulb shape, while the triple-tube lamps feature more tubes which generate more light. Other styles, such as the candelabra and flood lamps are also popular choices for home designers. These bulbs are designed with standard sockets which makes them compatible with most lighting fixtures.

Longer lifespan and energy-efficient

Standard fluorescent bulbs can burn up to 10,000 hours longer than traditional bulbs. Since they generate more light and less heat, these bulbs also use less energy to run. A 13-watt fluorescent can emit light equivalent to a 60-watt incandescent bulb. In addition, they are safer to operate since fluorescents generate less heat.

Helps reduce environmental pollution

Most of the electricity generated by power plants goes directly to our homes’ lighting fixtures. Since traditional bulbs require more energy to light up, switching to fluorescents will help reduce greenhouse gases. If everyone started using these energy-saving bulbs, 80 per cent of coal-fired plants could be retired early. Use less energy from the grid by installing fluorescents. Fluorescents mean a smaller carbon footprint and brighter lighting ideas. Use them wisely to light up any space. For cheap lights and fluorescent solutions, choose us, Discount Lighting, for the best prices and offers.